About Marc Piscotty Photography Stock Imagery

Marc Piscotty is a two-time Pulitzer Prize winning photographer based in Denver, Co. He was a staff photographer at the Rocky Mountain News from April 1999 until February 2007. He worked for the Albuquerque (N.M.) Tribune for five years after graduating in 1994 from Western Kentucky University with a degree in photojournalism.

He was an integral part of the photo staff at the Rocky Mountain News that won Pulitzer Prizes in Breaking News Photography for coverage of the Columbine High School tragedy (2000) and the Colorado Wildfires (2003). He was also a finalist in Feature Photography for the 2001 Pulitzer Prize for the year he spent chronicling high school life in the wake of the Columbine tragedy. In addition to numerous professional statewide and national awards, Piscotty was the winner of the William Randolph Hearst Collegiate Photojournalism Championship as a junior at Western Kentucky University.

He has clients in Denver, the Southwest and across the world.